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Utilize Wall Pegboard Strips to Create More Space

Wall Pegboard Strips can be utilized in a variety of ways to store and organize your tools in a garage, or even cleaning supplies in a closet. These strips are strong enough for industrial use, yet sleek enough for the home. Triton Pegboard Strips come in Silver and White, and different sizes as well, so you will be able to pick the size that fits best in your space and meets your demands.

In your home, do you have a bunch of tools just lying on your workbench, or even disorganized inside a drawer? Wall Pegboard Strips are designed to help you get these tools out of these places and organized and accessible on your wall! You will not have any more trouble locating and storing your tools while using pegboard strips. Strips can be placed on walls anywhere in your home, whether it is in the garage, basement, or even the kitchen!

Triton Pegboard Strips can be utilized in the workplace as well. Think of the janitor’s closet or maintenance closet at your workplace. In too many of them, brooms and mops sit on the floor, diagonal against a wall in the way of where people have to carefully step over to get passed. Items are all over on the shelves and it is hard to find what you are looking for right away. Wall Pegboard Strips help you get these important items off the floor and shelves, out of the way, and places them in an easily accessible place along the wall.

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