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Stainless Steel LocBoards and Tool Carts for Clean Rooms or Harsh Environments

If you are looking for the ultimate storage solution for a sterile or harsh environment in the health, medical, food, or marine industry, Triton Products has a solution for you. Stainless Steel LocBoard® Mobile Tool Carts and Pegboards offer a perfect solution for you!

Triton Stainless Steel LocBoard Mobile Tool Carts offer the most secure and durable way to transport tools, supplies, and parts anywhere within a facility, a factory floor or production area, or a hospital clean room. These carts are easily sanitized and cleaned. Stainless Steel LocBoard Mobile Tool Carts will keep your tools organized and at your disposal at all times. No need to be bothered walking back and forth to grab different tools and carry them around from area to area. Transporting these items from one area of a facility to another is no problem for these carts. Stainless Steel LocBoard Mobile Tool Carts can be used to transport materials throughout a hospital using their 4 casters, 2 fixed and 2 that swivel, as well a handle to aid in pulling and steering the cart.

Stainless Steel LocBoards come in 2 sizes. The LB18, which is a 2 pack of 18” x 36” Stainless Steel pegboards, and LB2 LocBoards, which are a 2 pack of 24” x 42.5” Stainless Steel LocBoards. Stainless Steel LocBoards will hold up to 250 lbs. across the board. Triton Stainless Steel LocBoards are easily sanitized and cleaned. Triton Products pegboards are designed with the mounting hardware that are hidden from sight, presenting a clean, attractive, and durable appearance.

Stainless Steel LocBoard pegboards and Mobile Tool Carts are compatible with a wide variety of commercial grade Stainless Steel LocHooks (60000 series) and lock on using heavy duty 2 and 4-point locking tabs providing the most secure locking mechanism used in any pegboard system. The hook and bin assortments allow you to lay out and store your items and ensure they stay on securely.

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