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Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas: How to Optimize A Small Space

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas:  How to Optimize A Small Space

Everyone wants a cleaner and more organized laundry room, but few homeowners or apartment occupants actually see that wish come to fruition with legitimate, straightforward small laundry room ideas. It’s simply challenging to properly optimize and make use of a very compact laundry room when there’s so much to be done, and so many products and tools to choose from.

However, it’s not impossible to organize a laundry room, even if it’s teeny-tiny. Here are a few quick and easy small laundry room organization ideas to get started.

Clear the Clothes Clutter

Has the laundry room become a catch-all for hanging up jackets, leaving dirty shoes and boots, and throwing dirty, worn clothes, even before they’re being washed? For most people, that’s exactly the case, and one of the biggest roadblocks to staying organized. Utilizing modular wall storage systems, which are truly one of the best and most flexible small laundry room ideas, can clear the clothing clutter:

  • Large, sturdy shelves can hold laundry baskets with dirty clothes and worn items, or fabric baskets can be hung from wall units.
  • Fold up towels or cleaning rags and keep them on shelving for easy access.
  • Use rods and hooks to hang up jackets and sweatshirts, and install hanging shoe racks on the bottom tier to keep all of the muddy gear out of the way.
  • Keep cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, irons and all the rest easily displayed, organized and accessible instead of thrown about wherever they happen to land. This will also enable them to be quickly found when they’re needed in a pinch.

In the Laundry Room!

Hanging Clothes-Drying Racks

Many people use clothes-drying racks which get set up on the floor, and can expand horizontally to hold more clothing. The problem is that in a small space, these can take up the entire floor or make it difficult to even get in and out of the room. Instead, a combination of hooks, closet-rods and other vertical, wall-hanging options offer great air drying without the floor clutter.

Move the Ironing Board

Another major space eater in the laundry room is the ironing board. It certainly can’t be left in the middle of the room when there’s a small space to work with. This too though can be hung up if it’s supported properly, and therefore it’s only on the floor when it’s being used.


By using an assortment of different bins and baskets, it’s easy to separate and store anything that has no place else to go besides the laundry room. A great laundry room organizer will allow anybody to easily stow away bins of different sizes and shapes, and this creates a great aesthetic appearance too. Opt for wooden baskets or fabric bins of different colors and arrange them to achieve a specific look and keep actual products or catchall items out of sight.

The puzzle of a compact laundry room can be solved and the space can be easily optimized. Use these small laundry room ideas and don’t be afraid to get creative. Even the most cramped of spaces can be easily improved!

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