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Shadow Tape for 5S and Tool Organization

Triton ® offers a valuable solution to help keep tools organized on pegboard. How do we do this? We offer a product that helps you shadow tools on your pegboard. Our TSV1260 line is a self-adhesive vinyl tape available in Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Orange, White, and Yellow. Tool Shadowing is also an important resource with the implementation of 5S practices.

How does our self-adhesive vinyl work? Simply unroll the tape and place the tool on top of the underside of the tape (side without the color). Trace around the tool so the whole shape is created. Finally, cut the shape out of the tape. Once completed, peel off the self-adhesive backing, and place on the desired location on the pegboard.

Why use self-adhesive vinyl tape? This valuable organizational resource helps silhouette tools on pegboard, ensuring that tools are properly placed when they are not being sued. Available in 8 different colors, different types and varieties of tools can be color code, so there is no mistaking on where it needs to be placed. Color coding different varieties of tools allows the user to find them quickly and effectively.

How does shadowing my tools help with 5S implementing practices? The five S’s are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. As mentioned above, tool shadows allow for proper sorting and setting in order of tools on pegboard by keeping them in a designated space. By keeping the tools silhouetted on pegboards, work areas and pegboards are kept clean and organized, saving time and effort in clean-up and preparation. Utilizing tool shadows allows for the standardization of the above. Every tool has its proper place and will be utilized and placed back on the pegboard when it is out of use. The shadow color coding method is a creative way to ensure this process is sustained. Employees won’t mistake the item shadow for another tool, and the color coding ensures which type goes on which pegboard spot. These key visual features allow for memory and muscle memory to kick in.

Utilize Triton tool shadow solutions to implement tool organization and 5S practices today!

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