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Organize Your Garage With Our Storability 1785 Modular Wall System

An organized garage can make a great difference in how many items you can fit in there. There is only so much space on the floor around the inner walls of the garage to keep items stored and organized. There is a large amount of unused, uncharted space along the walls of your garage. This unused space is very valuable in the summer and winter months. With items filling up your garage floor, someone’s car will be spending its days and nights outside, where sun and snow can do unwanted damage to the cars exterior. Even if your car does fit, how easy is it to try and squeeze a lawnmower or snow blower through the small available spaces they sit, and around all the small items that can be stored on shelving or a pegboard without scratching the car? Not very. Organizing some of these smaller items on our wall mount units utilizes unused wall storage space, gets items out of the way, leaving space for your larger garage stored items. While our Wall Mount Units offer a way to save space, we also offer the ability to keep these items accessible and easy to access. Triton Storability 1785 33″ L x 63″ H Modular Wall System will help you get organized.

The 1785 gets securely mounted to the wall, allowing you to clear the floor space in your garage, while still allowing easy access to the items you need. This wall mounted storage unit has the accessories needed to get your garage organized. It comes with a wire shelf, wire basket, steel LocBoard with LocHooks, plastic bins, and heavy duty hooks. The 31” wire shelf, allows you to store bigger items across the top of the unit. Below that sits the wire basket, giving you easy access to other moderately large items that can be stored. LocBoard and LocHooks are a great way to store and organize tools that may be lying around. Heavy-duty hooks hold your heavier tool items, or extension cords. Tying an extension cord, and hanging it on one of these hooks keeps it from getting dirty and tangled sitting on the floor. Finally, the hanging bins can store the loose parts and accessories you have lying around.

Utilizing the wall storage capabilities of the 1785 will get your garage clean, organized, and spacious for your car, lawnmower, or any other larger items that need to be stored on the floor.

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