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Make Use of the Craft Room with Fun Easter Projects

Make Use of the Craft Room with Fun Easter Projects 

There’s no shortage of options to make your Easter celebration hands-on. Here are a few quick ideas to work with, as well as a few more craft room organization ideas to make the process even easier.

Unique Egg Designs & Decorating Tips

Eggs are an essential part of any Easter decor or party, but all of those eggs don’t have to be put in one basket. In other words, think outside the box when you’re decorating eggs this year!

  • Create a numbered countdown with a crate of plastic eggs, passing out one per day for the 12 days leading up to Easter Sunday.
  • Dying eggs is always fun, so get creative with different colors, and encourage everyone to come up with their own designs and themes. Or try transferring more elaborate designs and patterns onto the eggs by boiling silk fabric-wrapped eggs.
  • Another option is to use temporary tattoo paper, printing up vivid images and designs from any computer program and transferring them to the eggs.

Get Creative with the Basket

Don’t forget about the basket! There are lots of ways to get creative with the Easter basket itself.

  • For a natural look, use hemp or other rope pulled apart into strings and place the eggs on them.
  • Use bright tissue papers and pipe cleaners to create intricate and beautiful Easter-themed baskets.
  • Another technique is to use brown lunch bags to papier-mâché small bowls to make portable egg-nests.

Go Big with Bunnies

Who doesn’t love cute bunnies? This year, incorporate them all over the house and throughout the festivities. Make fuzzy bunny-ear masks, origami bunnies in fun colors and shapes, bunny giveaway bags, egg-collection baskets and more.

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Of course, the correct craft room organization ideas will go a long way toward making any Easter project that much more fun and enjoyable. That’s because projects like this could quickly become a hassle when the right tools, supplies and decorations can’t be readily found.

Organizing a craft room in advance allows everything to be on hand when it’s required, with no aggravation along the way. That will make all this year’s Easter projects easier for everyone!

For instance, by utilizing one of the more popular craft room organization tips, like pegboard systems and modular wall storage, each individual item will be accessible, in view and properly separated and organized.

Now, all of those ribbons and bows, glitter and stamps, stickers and tissue paper, pipe cleaners, specialty scissors, glues and more, will be right where they should be. Plus, by going vertical and making better use of wall space to help organize a craft room, your workspace or desk is free of clutter and ready to be used.

The possibilities are endless for fun Easter projects, and with these craft room organization ideas, they’ll actually live up to their billing this year!

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