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LocBin Wall Systems to Organize Loose Accessories

Organizing small accessories is no easy task. Items like screws, nails, and other small hardware can get lost in the depth of your drawers. One can argue that these items, while small, are the most important. Most people, when buying small tool accessories leave them in the box and place them in a drawer, or on top of the work surface. While leaving them in the box can lead to easy identification, and leaving them on top of the work area can lead to easy access, there flaws to both of these examples.

It is easy to purchase your items from the store, leave them in the box and place them in a drawer. It is quick, and you will be able to see the box label when you are looking for it. The problem is, once more items and utensils get piled up in the drawer, and chaos ensues. Boxes get smashed and rip. Items fall out and disappear into the depths of the drawer. Soon, that box of screws becomes an empty, ripped carton. The drawer has nails all unorganized throughout the bottom of the drawer (which can lead to pain if not seen when trying to grab another item).

Some may say there are no issues with leaving the items on the work surface. It is easy to see and grab the items when needed. The problem with this situation is when trying to work, it will be easy to knock these accessories onto the floor. One wrong turn and down they go, leading to you having to waste time and pick all of them up. Items can roll under the work area, leading to you having to go back to the store and waste money on items that you already have, but lost.

Triton LocBin Wall Systems solve both of these examples of poor storage solutions. LocBin Wall Systems starts with an assortment of polypropylene bins. All sizes of bins come in blue, red, and yellow. Our small bins come in brown, multi-colored, teal, and raspberry, and orchid. LocBins are designed to be interlocked, stacked, and hung. LocBins contain an anti-slide feature in the channels, ensuring that stacked or hanging interlocked bins will not slide out from the front. This prevents your parts from sliding out. LocBins are designed with a slot in the front for an identification card (cards are included with the system). These ID cards allow you to label the items in the bin, allowing easy identification.

Triton Products designed our wall systems to be equipped with our 5-600 Wall Mount Unit. 2 polypropylene wall mount units come in a pack, and get mounted to the wall using the included hardware. The bins are mounted over the plastic rail, by placing back lip of the bins slide over it. The front opening of the bins allows for easy reach-in access and identification. Utilizing this unused wall space, opens up more space on your work area or inside the drawers for larger item storage. Bins can easily be taken off the wall, to another work area or site, and be sat on a flat surface if necessary.

Triton LocBins allow you to store and organize your small accessories, allowing easy identification and access, without the mess or hassle of storing them in drawers or in your way on a workbench.

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