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How to Organize Holiday Decorations After the Season

1760_main_1200pGet organized with these holiday storage ideas from Triton Products

Putting up all of the holiday decorations tends to be a fun, enjoyable event. Putting them away and storing them for the next 11 months is usually quite the opposite — stressful, time-consuming and cluttered. However, with the right storage organization ideas, anyone can quickly, easily and comfortably store all the ornaments, tinsel, lights, wreaths and whatever other types of decorations are used each season.

The first step is to really invest in the right types of basement storage, garage storage or craft room organization bins and systems. Just loading up a few old boxes and shoving them away somewhere doesn’t leave anything easily accessible, found or sorted through. It’s also likely a big waste of space.

Therefore, think about going vertical with hanging wall organization systems. These modular units can include pegboards, hanging bins of various sizes for different types of items, hooks and clips, shelving, hanging racks and more. Mix and match with different types of these components to create the perfect system for storing holiday decorations.

The best part is that it’s all off the floor, saving valuable space, while reducing clutter, and increasing accessibility and ease of use. The time saved and convenience enjoyed each and every holiday season will be fantastic.

Now that the home is set up with the right type of organization systems, it’s time to get to the actual storage of your items. Break everything down into different, specific categories. It’s not just all “holiday stuff”, is it? No, there’s actually…

• Ornaments
• Other tree decorations
• Outdoor lighting
• Other outdoor decorations
• Candles
• Wrapping paper, tools and accessories
• Household decorative items
• Holiday plates or linens
• Any other special items brought out at this time of the year

Keep all like items stored together, and separated from the other categories. For instance, with the hanging garage storage systems discussed above, one large bin could include all of the tree decorations, while fragile ornaments can be carefully secured in a different container, and odd-shaped decorative items could be hung up from hooks, racks or clips.

Neatly gather all long strings of light, tie them together, and hang them from a hook to keep them well organized and untangled. Keep all of the tools used for hanging outdoor decorations or completing holiday craft projects stored together on the pegboard.

Finally, take some time to go through old decorations and get rid of what’s really no longer necessary or utilized. That doesn’t mean it has to be trashed. Give it away to a local shelter or another charitable organization and they’ll be happy to have it all.

The key to storing holiday decorations all comes down to good planning, along with great storage systems from Triton Products. Focus. Don’t get overwhelmed, and you’re on your way to finally feeling good about your holiday storage solutions.

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