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How to Design Your Craft & Hobby Room

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Utilizing the right types of creative craft room storage ideas and solutions can make all of the difference between a craft and hobby room that shines and serves its purpose, and one that merely adds more clutter and mess to the home.

There are many different ways to approach this, and a variety of craft room organization ideas that can come in handy. Follow these steps to begin the process and design a wonderful new craft or hobby room.

First, think through these three considerations:

  1. What’s the space? Before utilizing potential craft room storage solutions, there needs to be a space in mind that will be used. Find the space, and then determine how large it is, what types of size restrictions there are, or what other types of limitations or opportunities. Are there walls or windows? Lots of floor space or none? Existing furniture or open area?
  2. What’s the hobby? Think about the craft or hobby that the new space is being designed for. A woodworker will have much different storage needs than a scrap booker, for instance. A woodworker will need large tools, pieces of wood, and other associated supplies, while a scrap booker will need many smaller items, papers, pens, stickers and so forth. This is important in terms of the sizing and types of shelving, drawers, compartments and other storage that will be used.
  3. Think about access. Stowing everything away in hidden drawers or boxes doesn’t really serve the purpose of a craft or hobby room. All of the supplies and tools should be easily accessible and viewable, otherwise, what’s the point?

Now, one of the best craft room storage ideas after considering the above will be a pegboard system based on something such as the LocBoard or DuraBoard from Triton Products. All of the tools and supplies will be easily accessible, and no floor space is required. A variety of different items of all shapes and sizes can be kept securely in place via hooks, bins, shelves, magnets and more.

There are also modular systems based on these pegboards that are wonderful craft room organization ideas. These pre-designed Storability systems may include a pegboard, along with tracking, shelving, hanging rails, bins and hooks, baskets, and more, and can be further customized. They’re a best bet for maximizing space with a versatile and flexible assortment of storage and access.

Of course, there are many different craft room storage ideas and craft room organization tips available. Remember to think about the existing space and any size constrictions, as well as the types of materials being stored and how they need to be accessed. With the right craft room storage solutions, a lack of floor space doesn’t have to stand in the way of a successful project.

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