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Go Vertical!

This month’s blog is about taking what is on your horizontal surfaces and going vertical with it. Clear off your table, desk or workspace and use the wall space you have.

Do you have a cluttered workspace? Be honest here!

Do you have crafting supplies laying all over, taking up space and getting in your way? Have tools and accessories on your workbench? Maybe you’ve even got some Gemology tools in your way? Come on, this sounds a little bit like you, right?

We’re all guilty of being a bit messy and cluttered from time to time. No judgment here, we promise!

At the risk of sounding like a bad infomercial, there does have to be a better way.

One of our fundamental strengths as manufacturers of professional grade organization and storage products is that we know that there has to be a better way to store and organize your things. How can you maximize a space, large or small?

Well, as we mentioned before, we are proponents of using wall space to its fullest! Each square foot of free wall space can clear up that same square foot of clutter on your workbench, table, etc for you to do more with what you already have!

So if you have a messy work space, table or desk we urge you to get started using your wall space today! Here are a few examples of bins, pegboards and modular storage that can make all the difference:

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