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Get Organized. Here’s Why:

Why would you want to organize your home, office, garage or life? I suppose the better question is “Why not?” Although it’s a simple enough idea, almost no one is as organized, neat and tidy as they’d like to be. So why not? Is it the time or effort required to take hold of one’s organization? Probably so. Well it’s worth your time. Don’t believe me? 

Consider the benefits of being organized:

Accomplishing more in less time
Managing multiple activities
Making better decisions
Handling deadlines easily
Locating anything
Being in control
Reducing stress
Saving money
Increasing earnings

Alright, so maybe you won’t see each one of these benefits right away, but you stand to gain a lot by getting organized. We have so little time to spare these days, why be wasteful? Enough excuses, let’s get started!

Here are a few quick and easy ways to get organized today:

1. No Excuses

Today is the day if you’re looking to make a change. It’s important to commit yourself to changing the old ways and turning the page.

2. Set your Goals

Do you want to make over your life or just keep the garage clean? If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? Set your goals early so you know where you’re headed.

3. Be Realistic

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be realistic and know that if you’ve got lofty goals, you won’t achieve them overnight.

4. Remove the Clutter

Take the first step and throw away what you don’t need anymore. Get rid of waste and clear out the clutter. Take out the trash!

5. 5S

5S is the name of a workplace organization method that uses a list of five Japanese words: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. Translated into English, they all start with the letter “S”. The list describes how to organize a work space for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the area and items, and sustaining the new order. The decision-making process usually comes from a dialogue about standardization, which builds understanding among employees of how they should do the work.

Even though 5S is typically found in manufacturing and factory floors, there is no reason you can’t implement its methods into your own life. 5S phases: sorting, straightening, systematic cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining.


Take the time to get organized today. And hey, let us help! Our products, experience, and helpful tips can help guide you into a better, more organized life.

Thanks for stopping by! How do you keep yourself organized? We’d love to hear your tips.

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