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Get Creative with Colorful Craft Room Storage Ideas

3-210MCWS_in use_1200pThe craft room is a special place in anyone’s home. It’s a place to be inspired and feel creative, and to let your imagination and artistic side take over. The problem is, so many craft rooms are nothing more than cluttered, drab messes.


The solution is to get creative with colorful craft room storage, like the new multi-colored line of LocBins from Triton Products. These will turn any unwanted hodgepodge of a craft room into the relaxing, inspirational haven it was always meant to be.

Triton’s storage bins have always been available in yellow, red and blue. But now, a new and more vibrant line of colors has been released. This includes fun shades and tones such as Orchid, Raspberry and Teal, amongst others, allowing anyone’s unique personality to shine through. Add a splash of color, match an existing theme, and use the color that feels just right.


LocBins aren’t just for show, though. They’re the ideal choice for craft storage, and they’re wonderfully versatile in what they can accomplish. They can be used as standalone bins atop a desk or shelving unit, and they can be easily (and securely) stacked on one another, utilizing Triton’s patented interlocking technology. They’re also available in a range of convenient sizes, and can be equipped with dividers to maximize storage space even more.

As opposed to many other craft room storage solutions, with LocBins used in conjunction with a DuraBoard, LocBoard or tempered pegboard, every single item and accessory is always instantly accessible. That’s because everything is not only organized, but clearly displayed, so whether it’s finding the perfect sticker or ribbon, the ideal tape or scissors, it’s always right there. That alone will cut down on a huge amount of wasted time and added hassle while putting together scrapbooks, albums and other crafts. Suddenly that hobby will go back to actually being fun, and an enjoyable way of spending time!

You can choose any color LocBin with a kit that contains wall mount rails to easily and efficiently hang these sturdy storage bins right on the wall – with no pegboard needed.

Remember, home organization products should be about more than just removing clutter. For craft rooms, while cleaning things up is certainly important, it’s equally important to actually be able to access all of those stored items. From there, it’s even better when a space does more than organize, but also helps to inspire.

That’s what the new, fun LocBin colors from Triton Products are all about. In a matter of minutes, turn bland, messy and bleak into organized, accessible and stylish!

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