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Garage Organization Tips to Help Tackle Spring Cleaning

Garage Organization Tips to Help Tackle Spring Cleaning

Spring is right around the corner, and even if the weather hasn’t caught up to the calendar as of yet, it’s still essential that the home is ready for the season. This year, instead of pushing off the project for weeks or even months, be prepared to tackle spring cleaning as soon as spring begins on March 20th. Utilize the following garage organization ideas and tips to enjoy great spring cleaning success this year.

  • Set Goals: What are the biggest goals or what’s the overall mission this year with spring cleaning? Is it garage organization tipsfinally solving the riddle of how to organize your garage, clearing the clutter from one space specifically, making the most of the basement, getting rid of junk… or something else? Don’t be vague with spring cleaning. Set a specific goal and it’ll be much easier to know how to get moving.
  • The Plan of Attack: Any good goal needs a specific plan of attack. If the garage is the focus, then any spring cleaning master will need the right kinds of garage organization ideas to put to good use. The first step should be to get rid of all of the unnecessary items, the stuff that doesn’t need to be organized, stored and kept. Create giveaway piles, trash piles, piles that may be given to family members and so forth. Once everything is separated and the giveaways and trash are removed, it’s much easier to get down to the business of actually organizing.
  • Divide the Goods: The giveaways and trash have already been removed, but what’s leftover? There might be seasonal-only items, such as Christmas decor, or tools only needed to shovel snow, for instance, versus those needed for lawn care in the spring and summer. There may be tools, gadgets, family keepsakes and much more. Separate all of these items so it’s clear what’s left, what needs to go where, and what kind of space may be necessary.
  • Get the Family Involved: One of the best ways to successfully master the art of organizing your garage is to get the whole family involved. If a family member doesn’t want his or her gardening equipment / power tools / sporting goods / old clothes / anything else given away or put of place, then he or she needs to jump in. Otherwise, let everyone else know that anything goes without their say!
  • Utilize Wall Space: Properly utilizing wall space is one of the basement, garage and laundry room organization ideas that simply cannot be skipped. Floor space is a limited, in-demand commodity, but there’s almost always more wall space to go around. By utilizing hanging pegboard systems, modular wall storage solutions, and more, items can be easily arranged and stored, while still being perfectly accessible.

Imagine the house on March 21st, perfectly clean, clear and organized, spring cleaning already done and accomplished. It can happen this year, with less hassle and stress than you ever would have thought. Begin with these organization ideas above and get ready to be impressed with the results.

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