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Easy Ways to Organize a Garden Shed

For your Gardening tools!

For your Gardening tools!

Most garden sheds look exactly the same. Sure, they all start out with lofty expectations and grand visions of perfectly neat, well-utilized spaces that make everyone’s life easier. Instead, swing that shed door open and peek inside, and it’s a massive pile of unused junk, with that one item you need being all the way in the back, out of reach.

That means it’s time to learn how to organize a garden shed, and finally start using that space in the right way…the way it was originally intended.

The first step of any garden shed organization project should be to take everything out, and start over. It’s likely there’s a great deal of materials in there that really aren’t even necessary, and could be thrown out or given away. That will help to clear up the space to begin with.

Next, consider what the biggest items are that need to be stored inside. For instance, this might be the lawnmower, or maybe it’s the bikes, other large sporting goods – canoes or fishing rods anybody? The large items need to be worked around, although perhaps there’s a way to improve the current garage storage setup at the same time, and shift some of those big items in there.

Either way, at this point there should be a much clearer vision of what needs to get stored inside. So how does that actually happen?

Besides those few extra-large items that need to be kept in the shed, approach the problem from the mindset that nothing else gets left on the floor. Wall storage solutions are the ideal way to succeed with garden shed organization. They offer neat, secure and accessible storage, while actually allowing someone to walk into the shed to get what they need.

For anyone trying to organize a garden shed though, wall storage doesn’t just mean shelving. That’s a fairly limiting approach, and instead should be one piece of a more comprehensive system.

For example, consider a modular storage unit that incorporates a huge range of different components. This includes hanging pegboard systems, which work with hooks, bins, clips and other accessories to store any tool, item or accessory. Shelves can be incorporated into the system too, for larger or bulkier items, along with wall tracking and hanging rods.

Now even the power tools can be hung up and cleared off the floor, along with larger gardening tools. The small essentials will always be quickly found, the everyday items will be instantly accessible, and the big stuff isn’t wasting all of that valuable space. Problem solved!

Garage shed organization really starts and ends with appropriate wall storage. Get started with the right hanging pegboard system and any shed will become what it was always intended to be!

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