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Craft Room Storage & Organization Ideas to Keep Track of All The Items You Need

Craft Room Storage & Organization Ideas to Keep Track of All The Items You Need

People get started with crafts and hobbies because they’re fun — they provide personal enjoyment and perhaps accomplishment, maybe a chance to showcase a creative or artistic side, and a purposeful way to spend some time. However, most people can also say that their craft projects end up being more difficult or time consuming than they were expecting.

The number one culprit here isn’t the craft itself, but the logistics that turn it into an ordeal, such as a lack of space, unorganized tools and items, and clutter that bog down the entire process. The good news is that a few simple craft room storage ideas can make a world of difference. After successfully organizing a craft room, the fun and relaxation of the hobby itself will become front and center once again.

  • See the Space: Before getting started with any craft room storage solutions, the space itself needs to be analyzed and seen binfor what it is. How much room is there to work with? Is it an entire room of a home, a corner or nook of a basement, half the garage, or something else? Is there a desk or any other furniture? How much wall and floor space is there? Take the time to really look at the space to know how it can really be maximized.
  • The Essentials: For any particular craft or hobby, there’s a huge range of essential items that need to be accessible. Put together all of the essentials in one spot at the same time the space itself is being analyzed. Combined, there will be a clear picture of the space, what it should contain, and what the overall needs are.
  • The Big Items: What are the big items from those essentials? Larger tools, for instance, or even lengthy rolls of fabric or wrapping paper need to be properly stored while still being accessible and not creating clutter.
  • The Small Items: All of the smaller items can be hard to keep track of. Beads, pins, needles, ribbons, tape, glue, yarn, decorations, scissors, nails, screws, screwdrivers… the list could be endless. These items can really drive any hobbyist crazy, because the one thing that’s needed that one specific time is never easy to find, right? Before long, all the time that was supposed to be spent on the enjoyable craft, is being spent searching for small items and sorting through jumbles of mismatched tools. Therefore, these items will need lots of individual compartments, bins and separators to keep them neat, easily seen and displayed at all times.
  • See the Solution: Hanging a pegboard on the wall maximizes space, organization and accessibility. Modular wall storage systems are one of the best craft room storage ideas because of the versatility they offer: utilize hooks, bins, clips, rods, shelves and other individual components to ensure the small and big items are both taken care of, the space is saved, clutter is cleared, and everything is finally accessible once again. Best of all, the desk or work area will still be open and ready to be used.

With these craft room organization ideas, hobbies will become more enjoyable, and anyone’s time and energy will be put to use the right way.

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