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Back to School With Triton Products

As school gets ready to start, it is important to be have the supplies prepared and ready for the first day. Our LocBoards and LocBins will keep these supplies organized before, during, and after the school year is over.

LocBoards are epoxy coated steel pegboards. The epoxy coating ensures the boards are resistant to scratching, giving them a clean, pleasing to the eye look. The steel pegboards are available in a variety of colors (Black, Blue, Red, Tan, and White) that can match your décor in a room. LocHook 50000 Series commercial hooks and steel shelves with patented 2 and 4-point contact locking mechanisms are used with square hole pegboards. LocHooks double-lock the hooks in place, so the hooks and items won’t fall off, leaving you no worries that you will have to pick fallen items off the floor. Pegboards can be purchased as kits with an assortment of LocHooks and LocBins, or the boards, hooks, and bins can be purchased separately so you can customize the exact hooks you want and how many. These pegboards and hooks create the most secure and reliable pegboard system for commercial and home storage items.

LocBoards and LocBins can organize items such as scissors, paper towels, pens and pencils etc. With many different styles of hooks (single rod, double rod, spring clips, tool holders, etc). Almost any supply can be stored and organized. Before school starts, no need to worry about buying supplies early, and not having a place to store them. Pegboards and bins get these items off the ground or table and onto the wall, leaving no clutter around. When the supply deals hit, you can buy knowing you will have a place to store them until school starts.

During the year, you can store a replenishment of supplies on pegboards, in case items get lost, or “borrowed” at school. Pens, pencils, and other smaller items can be stored in our LocBins. LocBins can be stacked and interlocked on a flat surface, or mounted onto the wall with our wall mount rails, or on pegboard with BinClips.

After the school year is over, left over supplies can be placed back on the LocBoard or LocBin system, and be stored and organized for use throughout the summer, or be ready for the inventory check before next school year.

Utilize Triton LocBoards and LocBins to keep school supplies organized and ready to be pulled into action at any time. Using Triton steel pegboards, and hooks, along with plastic bins to keep school supplies and the clutter that comes with them away by vertically organizing the items on your wall.

Check out our Pinterest Back to School board and our other boards for creative ways to utilize Triton pegboards and bins.



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