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2013: Face the friction

New Year’s Resolutions are a funny thing. Fresh starts, sweeping changes and massive overhauls are the norm. It’s the one time of the year where everyone is just a little bit selfish (and that’s just fine). It’s the perfect moment to assess the time you’ve spent, and to consider the time before you. How can you be a better you with the time you have?

The problem with many New Year’s Resolutions is that we don’t stick to them. We start out hitting the gym or the books in early January, but by the end of the month, our priorities have changed, we’ve given up or we’re unable to continue. Why?

Perhaps the problem is Friction. Just as friction can kill momentum in the physical sense, it can also be the death of your goals. By definition, friction is the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another. Consider this in your own life. You start out January 1st and swear that nothing will keep you from getting that beach body this year. When we make New Year’s Resolutions, we don’t consider the friction that we’ll face in the real world. Friction can be a new duty at work, a sudden snowstorm, the flu, a flat tire, a bad day, one drink too many, or the financial struggles we all face. Friction is all around us and it can kill your momentum if you let it!

Our goal is to help you reduce that friction. No, we can’t cure your common cold, nor can we pay off your holiday credit card debt. What we can do, however, is help by showing you how to make your life run more smoothly. We are the industry leader in long lasting, strong holding storage and organization products. At the risk of sounding like a sales pitch, we won’t talk too much about that here. Instead, what we’d like to do is spend time showing you how to make your life more orderly and organized so that when the inevitable friction comes along, you’re ready for it. Our goal for 2013 is to help YOU get it all together so that you can face the friction when it comes.

We want to achieve our goal and we want you to as well. Here’s how we’ll achieve ours:

  • We’ll keep developing and creating products that make your life easier by getting you organized.
  • We’ll make your life easier by showing how you can simple changes to your home, office, garage, laundry room, garden or anywhere else better suited to face friction.
  • We’ll provide you with tons of resources such as photos, how-to guides, how-to videos, tips and tricks, blogs, and shared content from around the web to make the process as simple as can be.
  • We’ll be creative with our products and show you how you can too.
  • We’ll be your source for organization know-how.

So follow us here, on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Pinterest for all of this and more in 2013!

Happy New Year,

Triton Products

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