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Use what you’ve got. Start now.

Ever heard the phrase “Shake what your mama gave you?” Well, the idea is that you’ve got to use what you’ve been given. Play the hand you’ve been dealt, if you will. Do the best with what you’ve got.

Why are we talking about this? Well, last month we urged you to Face the Friction. Here’s one more way to do it:

Consider where you live. Is it a sprawling mansion or a luxurious estate? Perhaps. More likely, however, you’ve got a respectable sized family home or perhaps a smaller scale house or apartment. What you have doesn’t particularly matter for this phrase to hold water. Whether you’re working with 1,000 acres or 1,000 square feet, you’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt. Use it to its fullest.

If you’re like most people, you’ve got too much stuff and not enough space. What can you do about it? First, you (like myself) probably need to thin the herd so to speak. Go through your stuff and get rid of the things you don’t need. Like we talked about in an earlier blog titled What is 5s and how do I use it at home, you have to remove unnecessary clutter to move forward with organization.

Once you’ve already gone through all of your stuff and trimmed the fat a bit, next is organizing. This is where space management comes into play. If you’ve got a small apartment or a small room with which to store or live, what do you do?

What you do is maximize space. You can do that in many different ways but probably the easiest and most effective way is to start going vertical. Use wall space to store and organize your things. You can store most anything on your walls from books on shelves to bikes on racks. The more wall space you use, the more floor, table, and counter space you free up.

Now here’s how we do it.

We use pegboards, but not just any pegboards. We use Triton Products Pegboards in both DuraBoard Polypropylene boards and LocBoard Steel and Stainless Steel pegboards. Now stay with us here, we know we sound like a sales pitch right now, but hear us out. Our products allow you to store and organize in ways you never thought possible. We make it easy to store what you want, how you want and where you want it. Our products lock together and they hold strong. They’re easy to move and reconfigure when you need but they hold up and stay put when they’re supposed to. Alright, our shameless plug is over.

Imagine your small space being livable again. Imagine being able to walk into your closet, garage or shed again. Get the clutter off the floor and out of your way. Store smarter. Store better. Make the most of your small space.

For more tips on getting organized, visit our main Blog page. Another one of our favorite sites for small spaces is Apartment Therapy.

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