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Silhouette and Forget

What is Silhouetting and how can it help me?

One of the biggest issues in staying organized is remember where everything is and where it is supposed to be. Have you ever gone looking for something, knowing where it should be, only not being able to find it? Who moved it? Where did you see it last? Where in the heck did it go?

We’re all guilty of this forgetful gene and we’re all guilty of being less organized than we could be. Whether we’re at home in our kitchen, shop, or garage or at work on a plant floor or job site, things go missing. But why is that? What can we do to change it?

A major issue in organization is giving everything a place and keeping everything in its place. Well, there is an easy way around that. When you designate a place for everything, you make it easy to remember where everything is and where it should be. For instance, consider your silverware drawer. You know that is where you’ll find silverware. Need a fork? They’re in the silverware drawer. It’s as simple as that. So why is it so easy to find some things while it’s impossible to find others?

Triton Products LB1260-Blue

It’s because we assign designated places for some things and not others. If we pick one spot for a tool or item and keep it there, it will always be easy to find. That’s where silhouetting comes in.

Silhouetting is a technique of creating a visual “silhouette” of an item’s shape so that we can see exactly where it should be and we can put it there. You can use magnetic silhouettes on metal backdrops, paper and paste, or simply paint on your given drawer or wall space. There are many ways to silhouette an item, but the process is always the same.

1. Designate a spot for an item.

2. Trace the item on your silhouette medium of choice and cut it out.

3. Affix the silhouette to the backdrop (drawer, nail, pegboard)

4. Put item in its place.

Our LB1260-Red silhouettes displayed on a LocBoard Tool Cart

How Triton does it better:

We recommend using pegboard to take the clutter off your floors, drawers, and countertops. Silhouetting is the perfect technique to make the most of your pegboard and pegboard hooks. You can use our DuraBoards or Locboards to silhouette a place for almost any tool or item you have!

 LB1260-Red, Blue and Black Available Q2 2013!
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