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Mudrooms Don’t Have to be a Mess: How to Organize a Mudroom

Laundry Big UseMudrooms are a bit of a misnomer, aren’t they? It’s the one room of the house where some mess is acceptable, to help keep everything else clean. But that doesn’t mean it should be a disaster zone either. In most homes, it’s a slippery slope, and mudrooms end up looking more like mudslides. 

The good news is that mudrooms don’t have to be a mess, and with the right storage ideas, mudrooms can be easily transformed, and anyone will be able to get much more from their existing space, no matter how small or tight it is.

Organizing a mudroom really comes down to figuring out a way to turn that small space into a more functional and accessible area of the home. First, think about the types of items that may be strewn about and cluttering up the place.

There are dirty clothes waiting to be washed, and fresh items needing a place to dry. There might also be the coats belonging to each member of the family, along with shoes or boots. Add in a laundry basket, household essentials that don’t have anywhere else to be, like that 48-roll behemoth bag of toilet paper that seemed like a good investment at the time, laundry detergents, household cleaners, soaps and sprays, vacuums and brooms… and it’s easy to be overwhelmed!

The best way to do more with less for anyone trying to learn how to organize a mudroom is to find a flexible, modular wall storage system to hold all of those items. As opposed to plain old shelving, which isn’t very versatile, a hanging storage system allows for mixing and matching of all kinds of essentials.

In one wall system, there can be hanging rods for those clothes that need to dry, shelving for the big items, a colorful pegboard to keep track of smaller items such as cleaning products and gadgets, bins for loose buttons, pocket change, or keys, wall tracking to hang up the broom and get it out of the way, and so much more.

The same concepts that work great for mudrooms or laundry rooms also work great with garage storage as well.  Get clutter off the floor, and make the must-have items accessible and easy to find, and the difference will be massive.

Put the above mudroom storage ideas to use and take the mess out of the mudroom for good.

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