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How to Organize a Garage & Home for the New Year

The calendar has turned and it’s the New Year, which means those lingering to-dos to clean up the home should be taken care of before too much more time passes by. One of the biggest home organization projects is tackling the challenge of how to organize a garage. With the following garage organizing ideas, anyone will be able to see success with this type of project and enjoy a wonderfully transformed garage space.

Consider the Problem:

In most garages that are in desperate need of the right garage organization tips, the biggest problem is not simply “junk,” but a collection of things – some of which may indeed be junk, but most is likely not. Soon, a corner of random odds and ends becomes one half of the garage, and before long, the entire garage floor is covered with unlabeled boxes and piles of who knows what.

Unload the Unnecessary:

The problem to solve when learning how to organize a garage is finding a way to clear up all that floor space, which ends up wasting the entire garage. Now that a clear mission is at hand, it’s time to unload the unnecessary.

As mentioned above, much of what is in the garage may indeed be valuable or needed, but there’s always going to be a buildup of unwanted junk. It’s time to start a giveaway and trash pile, and remove everything that isn’t needed and is only gathering dust and taking up space. Once all the unnecessary stuff is unloaded, it’s far easier to see what actually needs to be stored and organized, and what the best approach may be for that.

Go Vertical and Modular:

Don’t want to take up the entire garage with storage items? One of the most important garage organizing ideas is to go vertical, and along1740_in-use_1200p-225x300 with that, to go modular. This is where a hanging wall system consisting of various modular units can work wonders.

Start with a durable all-purpose pegboard, and add on hooks, clips, small bins and more to keep track of all kinds of tools and supplies. Add more modular units with hanging racks, shelving, larger bins, railing and tracking, and so forth, and before long there’s room for anything.

From gardening tools to ropes and hoses, from drills and hammers to screws and nails, from outdoor decorations to cleaning supplies, from fishing and sporting gear to extras for the car and so much more, everything can be stowed away with the right hanging wall system.

Of all of the potential garage organizing ideas, this is by far the most valuable. All of the floor space in the garage is instantly cleared, and everything is neatly and accessibly stored. No more clutter, and a brand new garage for the New Year.

With the above ideas, even the least DIY or handy homeowner should be able to figure out how to organize your garage. Put these garage organization tips to use and get started today, and that amazing new garage will become a reality.

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