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Fun Craft Room Storage Solutions to Boost Creativity & Productivity

3-210TBWS_in use 1 _1200pOne of the most enjoyable parts of any craft, whether it’s scrapbooking, painting, drawing, knitting, or anything else, is getting creative. It’s a time to be unique and artistic, and to let the imagination run wild. A cluttered or uninspiring space can derail all of that creativity though, which is why many individuals need a revamp of their existing setup with some nifty new craft room storage ideas.

The mission to organize any craft room has to begin with a way to properly organize, store and display all of those small items and accessories. Crafts require all kinds of little supplies, tools and gadgets, and they’re easy to lose track of. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to complete a project and being unable to find the right supply.

That’s why one of the most important craft room organization ideas is a system that allows for the easy separation and organization of those components. At the same time, it’s essential that they be kept on display so they’re easily accessible and within reach, otherwise it’s really not much of an improvement at all.

A hanging pegboard system is often the ideal solution. Here, small bins can be hung up, holding all of those tiny little go-to items, from stickers and glitters to ribbons, fabric and more. Bins can also be stacked on a shelf or desk, and with dividers, larger bins can be divvied up into smaller ones. The pegboard itself can also be equipped with a near limitless range of hooks and clips, so that scissors, tapes, glue, staplers and any other tools or accessories can be securely kept in place and always on hand when they’re needed.

If all of that sounds convenient, but a bit too industrial, remember that the right types of craft room storage solutions should also help to spark that creative side. That’s why all of the bins and pegboards from Triton Products are now available in a huge range of fun, bright colors.

Bins are available in teal, orchid, raspberry, blue, yellow, red, brown and black. Tempered wood pegboards are available in black, white, green and orchid, and the natural brown color can be easily customized with any other color, so that one specific shade, or a unique design, can always be added.

Now there’s finally a craft room storage solution that offers the best of both worlds. It fulfills the objective of creating organized, accessible storage for every little essential item, while helping to inspire and inject some creativity and fun into the room, and the activity itself.

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