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De-clutter Your Office With These Office Organizing Tips

De-clutter Your Office With These Office Organizing Tips

Let’s face it, the offices and desks of most people are terribly cluttered and unorganized. Not only is this unsightly, it certainly doesn’t help productivity, either. It makes things hard to find, and it even reduces motivation and inspiration to complete a particular task. A de-cluttered workspace can work wonders, and it doesn’t have to be out of reach. Here’s how to quickly and easily succeed with home office organization.

Start Fresh

Don’t try to clean up what’s already there. This usually results in paper shuffling and not much else. Instead, one of the most important ideas to organize a home office is to start fresh. Work with a blank slate instead of trying to rearrange the failing system already in place..

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One of the most common needs is to find a solution to the issue of wires and cables. With a blank slate, take the time to actually do this properly. One of the best office organizing tips is to unplug and rewire everything. Most desks have slots in the back to run wires through to keep them out of the way and in place. Take it a step further and bundle wires to secure them, or even color-code and label them to ensure they’re easy to find and use.

Keep the Desk Clean

That pile of papers with two important files today becomes four tomorrow and a dozen by the weekend. Soon, the entire desk is overcrowded with paper and clutter, nothing can be found, and the entire space is a mess. Keep the desk clean to improve home office organization. One way to do this is to utilize storage bins for small odds and ends such as pens, office supplies, paper clips, rubber bands, and so forth.

Utilize Wall Space

When it comes to office organizing tips, the single easiest way to make a huge impact is to begin utilizing wall space properly. This clears up the clutter from the entire space, and helps to keep the desk clean, too.

Get started with a hanging pegboard system that will offer maximum versatility and accessibility. Hanging bins can hold all of those loose office supplies, while folders and files can be easily secured, accessed and prioritized. Shelves can even be installed on a pegboard, providing even greater home office organization. Keep larger notebooks, tissues, desktop clocks, keyboard dusters, photo frames and other bulky items or trinkets on the shelf, but within reach.

With a hanging pegboard, quick notes and important to-dos can also be pinned up and prioritized instead of getting lost in a sea of papers on a desk.

Start putting all of these office organizing tips to good use and see great dividends quickly — A cleaner desk will quickly translate into a more productive day, and a more relaxed, motivated and happy vibe at the office or home office as well.

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