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Add Some Style when Organizing a Craft Room, Kitchen and More with New Colorful Pegboards and Bins

Organizing a craft room is a practical mission, a project to help make individual items more accessible, and the entire space more functional and fully utilized. Yet, that doesn’t mean the end result has to be entirely utilitarian. That’s why Triton Products is now offering wonderful new colorful pegboards along with hanging and stacking storage bins to bring some life and style to otherwise boring craft room storage solutions, giving homeowners and hobbyists the best of both worlds.

3-210MCWS_main_1200pAs any craft enthusiast knows, a workspace also needs to offer some inspiration. When sitting down to begin or complete a project, a person should feel enjoyment and excitement, ready to take on the world. The look of the space itself has a huge bearing here, and nobody wants to sit around in a dingy old environment.

The right kind of craft room storage ideas can make a world of difference very quickly and easily. With tempered wood pegboards from Triton, colors include bright, lively offerings such as orchid and green. Now, it’s easier than ever to create a comforting, welcoming craft room that still offers the absolute utmost in organization.

Pegboards from Triton Products are designed to seamlessly work with a huge range of organizational products that can help store and showcase any tool or accessory. This includes the DuraHook, secure, locking pegboard hooks offered in multiple shapes, clips, bins of various shapes and sizes, railings and rods, shelving, and more.

Imagine a hanging surface that has neatly separated and displayed areas for every tool, scissors, tape, glue, decorations, ribbons, stamps, papers, and more, all right at your fingertips when they’re needed. Now all of that previously messy, cluttered desk space and floor space are clear. Everything is neatly, safely hung up, offering great accessibility, world-class organization and storage, and a convenient solution.

Use as a head board or just add interest to any wall.

With fun, bright colors, this is one of the go-to craft room organization ideas that can instantly transform the entire space, as well as what can be accomplished within.

Don’t sacrifice style when looking for space-saving craft room storage ideas when both are available now. Utilize the wonderful new colored pegboards from Triton to enjoy great success organizing a craft room, while maintaining or elevating the style and aesthetic quality of any area of the home.

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